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Dog Behaviour and training in Oxfordshire and Berkshire

 Fussing and Feeding

 Going away and need someone reliable to spend time with your animals?


Wanting someone to fuss, feed and spend time with your cats, to change their litter tray and make sure they are well and happy?

Puppy at home; you can rely on us to call in let puppy out for a pee, feed him and give him a game in the garden, so he sleeps until you return.


We also look after small animals such as rabbits and rodents and have experience looking after exotic animals such as snakes, bearded dragons and spiders.


Whatever your pet and whatever your requirements we are here to help.


Prices are dependant on distance travelled and the length of time required to spend with your animal.


  Per half hour visit .............. £15.00 

Dog Behaviour and Training Consultations

Taking your puppy to training classes is an excellent idea and you and your puppy 

will get a lot out of this. They learn to socialise and you will learn how to give 

your dogs commands.

Training classes are often not enough so why not learn 

how to think like your dog? 

Dogs do not think like we do and yet 

we expect them to understand us in human terms.

Dogs look to us for guidance and protection.

Why not learn how to think like your dog and to speak 

his language .

There is no such thing as a badly behaved dog. Unaccepable behaviors are either

 instictive and need re-channeling or they are habits they we have unwittingly taught them.

Prices (approximately one hour)

First Visit (possibly the only one you will need)...£80.00

                                               Follow up visits..... £45.00