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Doggy Day Care Oxfordshire
Doggy Day care at The Old Vicarage, South Stoke

Meet Helen inside her Google Page wtih Tonka and Heidi.

Helen has always had a lot of pets. As a child despite having dogs, cats, guinee 

pigs amongst many other furry friends, she also collected snails, snakes and frogs.

Helen is a country girl, living in The Old Vicarage in South Stoke, with Philip, the Phipps 

family, Fudge, three cats and our lovely Jersey cow, Star Dust. Star Dust loves nothing more than a morning hug and believes she is a dog, often wanting to join our day care dogs down by the river. She just stands looking down at new dogs when they bark at her, wondering what they are doing. This is great training for our dogs, as they quickly get used to being around larger animals, learning respect and calmness.

Doggy Day Care in Berkshire
Doggy Day at The River Thames

A few words from Helen

After being made redundant in 2007, I started to think very hard about the most happiest days of my life and how to replicate those happy days.

In the 80's I worked with animals and was trained how to control dogs through working with an ex-police dog trainer. Animals brought me such pleasure that the decision to work with animals again was a no brainer so WalKeys was formed. 

Through my reputation of being flexible, reliable, mature with a natural aptitude to comminicate with dogs on their level, word quickly spread and the business went from from strength to strength. I study dog behaviour continuously and spend time with all of our walkers passing my knowledge onto them, so they all have the same expertise as me. 

I have Level 4 Advanced Canine Behaviour Diploma and my new website gives you all the information you require.

My husband Philip was first to join the business and today Walkeys is a legal partnership with four partners as well as four indendent and professional walkers, all working together as a great team covering Oxfordshire, Berkshire and at times Buckinghamshire. All our partners have been fully trained by me, so we all sing from the same hymn sheet being able to cover for each other through sick days, high days and holidays with comfort and ease and our dogs, as well as our owners,  trust all of us to offer the care, consideration, love and expertise that they all need and deserve.

I continually update my knowledge and studies into the latest research and development on dog behaviour. You can feel confidant that my expertise with dog psycology, how food and hormones can influence a dogs mood as well as how human interaction with our most loyal friends can influence, what we see as bad behaviour and help dogs and owners to establish an excellent, calm and happy relationship with owners and their families. I have worked with one of the best dog behaviourists in the UK and have achieved Level 4 Advanced Canine Behavour Diploma.


If you wish to speak to me, please contact me on 01491 874413, 0790 009 4837 or email me at

"I look forward to hearing from you".


Doggy Day Care

       This is our doggy care stable, where our dogs can cool down during the hot summer months and keep warm and dry during the winter. 

A small but cosy place to rest, before going out to play again.

Dog Day Care Creche in Oxfordshire & Berkshire
Doggy Day Care Creche Facilites in Berkshire

Doggy Day Care

A very early morning walk down by the river at our Day Care Centre. 

We heard the swans flying down the Thames and stood watching as they landed.

 It was cold and misty but beautiful. A truly magical start to our day.

Early Morning at Dog Day Care Berkshire
Early Morning Day Care in South, Berkshire

Doggy Day Care

Our dogs enjoying themselves at our day care in South Stoke, with Jean assisting with keeping them all amused. They are all extremely happy

with us, shown through the excitement when they arrive.

Early morning Day Care 

An early morning cup of coffee before the others arrive. A cold, fresh morning but we don't mind. The river looks amazing and it is not easy to persuade dogs to leave us at the end of the fun packed day that 

they all love

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