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Walkeys llp covering dog walking and Day care at The Old Vicarage, South Stoke

Totally Chilled Out 

Dog Walking and Day Care

Excellent Day care facilities in South Stoke, Berkshire

Dog Walking

Your dog will have a wonderful walk in the beautiful countryside around Oxfordshire and Berkshire.  All walks are away from main roads and dogs are walked off-lead so they get the very best exercise. We will however discuss walks with dogs on-leads but this is not the norm.

Walks are for a full hour, often longer and the hour does not include pick up, drop off and although we are not dog groomers, we will clean your dog as best we can with the equipment we carry. 

We interact with our dogs and give them an excellent, fulfilled walk.

Your dog will be returned happy,  tired and sleep until you come home.

We are qualified to walk up to a maximum of 6 dogs at any one time, which gives them a great sense of being in a pack which is a natural dogs instinct.

We make sure that we walk dogs of similar age and agility. 

Our walkers are all mature, professional dog handlers, who will love and care for your dog as if he/she were their own.

We let you choose your own references, so you get a clear, honest and un-biased opinion as to the service we provide. You can also check out what others say about us on our review page.

Dog Walking Price List

                     One dog walk - minimum one hour

                     Two dog walk - minimum one hour - same family

                      Three dog walk - minimum one hour -  same family





Each extra dog 

                                     same family..................................................... £10.00

                                     dogs from same family, walked separately .....£15.00


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Day Care

Your dog will have a lot of fun during the day at The Old Vicarage in South Stoke. Large gardens, fields, lots of open space and river frontage. Chums to play with and an extra walk away from the house, so they get a different environment to explore. 

Dogs feel very much at home here and customers can tell they love it by the excitement shown as they enter South Stoke Village. 


We have a cosy creche, where your pet will enjoy a rest, a treat, at times a grooming and lots of fuss. Our creche is cool in the summer and warm in the winter, with 

either crates or personal areas to chill out in. We let our dogs choose their prefered resting areas.


Our opening hours are from 08.00 to 18.00, although these times are flexible. Depending on the extra hours, we may have to charge more.


You can either bring your dog/s to us, or we are happy to collect and bring them home. Depending on distance, we may have to charge extra for this service.

We are not the cheapest day care in this area but we are the best. We have a maximum of 6 dogs per carer and we do not pen our dogs in. We are with them the whole time and your dogs are guaranteed a wonderful day.

Day Care Price List

                          One dog per day


                           Two dogs from same family


                           Three dogs from same family

£ 35.00

£ 60.00

£ 80.00

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