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Walkeys 6 Key areas of Excellence


Everything we say and do is a true reflection of what we value. At WalKeys, staff are sincere, trustworthy and feel good about themselves. We are fully committed to spending time with your pets. We are focused.

Our customers trust and respect us, demonstrated by the positive feedback we get from them.  Our reputation speaks for itself.


We will never show any anger or aggression towards your pets.  Our purpose is a good one. To understand what an animal is, where they originated from, their overall animal instincts and their individual personalities. To understand what they need from us, not what we need from them. Kind words, patience with a positive attitude.

Words are powerful! They have the power to uplift and enlighten or put down and depress. A few cutting words spoken in a moment of anger can affect animals, especially dogs, whereby a few kind words can make a very positive difference to how they feel about us and how we feel about them.

Speaking with good purpose is the cornerstone of healthy relationships. This Key fosters a positive emotional environment where animals are happier, more productive, and more likely to succeed.


A positive attitude can make everything we do and every day productive, fulfilling, and fun!

Life is full of distractions but our focus is what we are doing now, now with our animals, never elsewhere. We live and find joyful times with the animals entrusted to us and never miss any moments with them.


We are committed fully to the work we do. Whatever it takes and the energy required to fulfil our daily tasks is taken with a positive attitude and a deep respect and loyalty to the animals we care for.


We take the responsibility of caring for your pets with confidence, pride and fulfilment. Owners and their pets can count on us and we earn their respect. We are reliable and have total control with the animals entrusted to us.


Life doesn’t always work out as it is planned and we realise that that situations can change. We can adapt to these changes and situations to give our customers peace of mind in changing situations.